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Unleashed Power Japanese Website!

Cool Metal Sites:
Dutch metal site with passion
Very informative site about metal, with reviews, interwievs and links galore.
Fegefeuer German Metal zine. Worth checking out. U.P. info as well. In German & English!
US metal site. The real deal!
Metal Rules New Jersey Metal magazine and website that kicks ass.

Metal Resourses:
BNR BNR metal pages. Very good resource for metal!
Mega's metal Asylum Finland can be harsh and cold, click here to find out.
The mining company site  Metal site with tons of info. Located in New York.
Varegera VAREGERA is a good looking metal site with interesting information about Metal in general! The fly pages will entertain you with Brazilian metal flavors.
Alchemy Link to the Alchemy Metal Net to check out one of the major Metal sites out there! Has info on U.P. as well.
Metal is Alive!
Nynewmusic U.P. is featured on, support for New York area bands!
Still online Cool stuff from Germany.
More than music

Metal Stores:
Amok music Mailorder store. Check out the U.P. feature!
Another store. From New York state.
empire metal Empire Metal is specializing in hard to get CD's and supports the metal underground!
Ruggedcross Rugged cross from Missouri is doing a great job in helping the band in that area. It has the "Mindfailure" CD for sale as well.
Sound Riot Cool metal resource from Portugal!

Imagika Bay Area band that keeps the metal flame alive. Buddies of ours.
Tad Morose Progressive Power Metal band from Sweden.

Metal Radio:
AORsters Online Magazine  Cool radio station in Brazil. Also very cool website!  Cool Metal DJ.
The Ultimate GTMO Page Good Time Metal Oldies 104.1 radio in Digby co., Canada. Cool shows and interesting site.
Neckbreaker Here's is a very cool site/radio that keeps the metal torch lit and fights the battle for the music we love.
Very supportive radio station from Maine. Keep it rocking!!!

Very early days of Ken Jacobsen

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