quintet of spheres

U.P. Debut Release - Quintet of Spheres 1993/94

Quintet of Spheres cover The Quintet of Spheres album progressed from the previous demo of the same name. The album received a massively positive response and was released in Europe, Japan and South-East Asia. It was believed that the album was a stepping stone because of the knowledge and experience gained. The benefit was mostly in the business sense, since we were forced to do most of the work involved. We produced and supplied all the master-tapes and films, posters, flyers, ads.. ect. yet it wasn't able to be distributed properly, and released in time, to benefit from all the promotion and effort put into it. Consequently, it took a long time to regroup and refinance another project. Therefore we hope to use this opportunity to address our fans and listeners alike directly through the net.

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  • I.O.D.
  • BLindfolded
  • The Devour
  • Entombed (578k)
  • The Envoy of Sophistry
  • Quintet of Spheres (528k)
  • It's About Hypocrites (7.1Meg) or steam it!
  • Hibernate
  • Dejected Spirits
  • Unleashed Power

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John Mathias Ken Jacobsen Ed Owen John Lievano
John Mathias
Vocals and Backing Vocals
Ken Jacobsen
Guitar, E-Bow and Backing Vocals
Ed Owen
Drums and Percussion
John Lievano

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The press thought:

"Quintet of Spheres is definitely the work of some serious muso's... at the same time they also manage to knock out some impressive power metal..."
     Terrorizer, UK

"This is elaborate Thrash with the ultimate in technical ability and a noticable imagination.."
     Madhouse, Argentina 10 out of 10 points

"...Ken Jacobsen, a musical genius...it's not only the way he plays his guitar which catch's the listeners. He is a multi-talented guy who shows up with brilliant riffs and breaks."
     Rock Hard, Germany 9 out of 10 points

"...refreshing and exciting current power metal type band that are on their way up."
     Grinder Magazine, USA

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