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Ken Jacobsen (Ken C. Jack)
Copenhagen, Denmark
Current Residence:
New Jersey, NJ
Personal Status (Family Status):
Married, son (Luc)
Personal Stats. (height, weight, Hair Color, Eye Color):
5,10 (179), 165 (68kg), Brown/Black, Brown
Equipment Played:
Jackson guitars, Tech 21, Mesa Boogie, Digital Music Corp., D'Aquisto Strings, Seymour Duncan Pick-ups & Digitech.
How old and how and where did you start playing:
Age 6 classical flute, switched to guitar at 9 on the tiny island of Bornholm, Denmark
Previous Bands:
Dark Mission, Avalon.
Favorite music:
Black Rose (Thin Lizzy), Mob Rules (Black Sabbath), Permanent Waves (Rush), Reiner conducting Bartok, String Quartets (Bartok), New World (Dvorak), Keyboard Concerto no. 1 (Bach), Soul to Soul (Stevie Ray Vaughn)
Influences (musicians):
Gary Moore, Randy Rhoads, Tony Iommi, Jimmy Hendrix, Phil Lynott, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Bartok, Bach Vivaldi Etc.
Ice Hockey, computer, reading
Favorite Sports teams:
New Jersey Devils. Danish National Soccer team, Buffalo Bills
Most memorable moment:
2 months of vacation in Hawaii
Favorite Foods:
Rice, Japanese, Thai. Great breads.
Favorite Drinks:
Coffee, Coffee and V8
Can't Stand:
Refusal to learn new things
Most memorable gig:
Risbjerggård, Copenhagen
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