Jörg Michael     Ken Jacobsen   Brian T. Chaffee    Tony Spagone

Brian Thane Chaffee - Vocals

Brian Thane Chaffee     Brian Thane Chaffee, eminent vocalist of U.P., hails from New Jersey, USA. Brian started out as a drummer playing in various local metal groups at an early age. But his true strength lies in his singing ability. He can also be experienced on the Thane demo by the name Hardball.

Ken Jacobsen - Guitar

Ken Jacobsen     Guitarist, Ken Jacobsen, who some might remember as Ken Jack, founded U.P. as a renaming and continuation of Unleashed Power. With the consequent release of Unleashed Power's debut album, "Quintet of Spheres" behind him, Jacobsen utilized the experience to bring Mindfailure to life as the producer and songwriter. Read more about Ken Jacobsen.

Jörg Michael - Drums

J?rg Michael     Jörg Michael's most relevant projects to U.P. must be the classic, progressive, metal sounds of the Mekong Delta albums. After intense rehearsals between Ken and Jörg in Germany, the drums for Mindfailure were recorded -- in a converted W.W.II bunker! Jörg is also currently recording and touring with the Finnish band, Stratovarius.

Tony Spagone - Bass

Tony Spagone     Tony Spagone met up with Jörg at a studio session in Germany prior to the Mindfailure sessions. Tony's from Frankfurt and was playing the local German scene between touring, when Jörg mentioned UP was in need of a bassist. Tony's desire and skill to play progressive and heavy material found him the vacant position.





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