Mindfailure Cover
      1) Gateway
      2) Étude
      3) What They Don't Know
      4) Mindfailure
      5) Thou Shalt Live
      6) Cataclysm
      7) Nefarious
      8) Section Terminal
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  • Mindfailure
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    Here's what the press thought of the album:

    "This one turns your genre-pegged cliches obsolete." By Martin Popoff of Brave Words and Bloody Knuckles

    "Ken Jacobsen, [is] a musical genius, it's not only the way he plays his guitar which catches the listeners.
    He is a multi-talented guy who shows up with brilliant riffs and breaks." Rock Hard Magazine

    "Overall, this is an AWESOME album. All of the tracks have a very tight sound. There are some outstanding guitar riffs and solo's. This is one of the best album's I have heard in a long time." Stormbringer

    "A tough and uncompromising album" Musically Incorrect

    "Mindfailure is a really good record that first and foremost is kept up by good melodies" Metalized Magazine

    "Full to the brim with excellent ideas" Demolition

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    by Lars Poggel

    Almost four years after "Quintet Of Spheres", U.P. return to the scene with their second album, "Mindfailure". Already recorded in 1995 with a completely new lineup, "Mindfailure" proves to be a disc that combines both continuity and progression. Being a trademark of the band, Ken Band Photo Jacobsen's guitar-playing which is heavy, technical and melodic, at the same time lets you recognize from the very beginning of the opener, "Gateway To Deadly Sins", that this record can only be released by U.P. and nobody else. In terms of progression, there are quite a few factors that are worth mentioning. First of all there is a new singer, Brian Thane Chaffee, in the band and as everybody knows, it is always the vocalist that determines a band's sound to a high degree. His predecessor John Mathias was more of a traditional Heavy Metal vocalist whereas Brian's style is deeper, heavier and maybe more modern. So, as a matter of fact, "Mindfailure" sounds way more aggressive than the first album, but there is more to it. The songs are longer than the old ones, there's more technicality and complexity in the music than found on "Quintet Of Spheres". But don't confuse complexity with self-indulgence. Although it is fairly daring to open up a record with an eight minute track, U.P. do not get lost in a maelstrom of breaks, time-changes and leads, but still bring the idea and the point from the songs across. Maybe "Mindfailure" is more challenging for the listener than most of the records being released nowadays, but if you're willing to take your time to get into the album you will soon discover that songs like "What They Don't Know" and "Thou Shalt Live" contain a certain degree of catchiness that may haunt you for the next days. But seriously, "Mindfailure" is a record that demands a lot from the listener in the beginning, but also has a lot to offer when you listen really closely. And aren't they the records that we all like most?

    Guitar - Ken Jacobsen
    Vocals - Brian T. Chaffee
    Drums - Jörg Michael
    Bass - Tony Spagone

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