The story of John Lievano`s untimely death in 1994


It was an uncanny event which struck us all with sadness and distress.

John Lievano

On July 15 1994 John Lievano was on a subway train in New York City traveling from his home in Queens to his day-job on Manhattan. This particular train (#7) rides partly on 5th story elevation, winding through the buildings of Queens, until finally reaching the tunnel to Manhattan. This day had already seen some drizzle at this early morning hour and when John decided to pass from one car to the next, with the train car jolting and shifting in the tracks, he slipped on the wet metal plates between the cars. He died at that moment from a broken neck.

John playing

We lost a friend, but we will try to keep his memory alive. His bass-playing can be heard on the album "Quintet of Spheres"! John was only 27.

R.I.P. 7/15/94

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