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Italian rave reviews of

Mindfailure 8.5 of 10 and Quintet of Spheres 8.5 of 10


Rock Detector
Very good feature of the band. Click here

.......best stuff in this genre today. Review

"I find this a unique release....." Review by Canadian webzine! 7.5 of 10

"Unleashed Power is an awesome band that understands the importance of musicianship and songwriting."

Review by

Ballbuster's BeCa Marshall

Bright Eyes Bright Eyes from Germany. Interview in German. Cool feature.

Artifact "....there are enough catches and good riffs to keep you, the listener, constantly entertained."

Review by Jason Goh of Singapore/England. 7.8 of 10. Review

Review: "...the most technical and professional thrash/power metal" 8.5 of 10

Columbian website "Himnos Rituales de Guerra" with full feature and reviews in spanish and english .

EXTREMERON Interview with Ken Jacobsen

"........you'll listen to it again and again and again."

Great review in English or German by Fegefeur from Germany.

April interview with Ken Jacobsen

"Anyone who thinks that US metal has evaporated need to check out Unleashed Power. A fitting name and a fitting band who have the potential to make a much larger impact on the metal world." Review By EvilG from Metal Rules of eastern Canada. 4.5 of 5.

Very nice interview with Ken Jacobsen, including a Real Audio clip as well.

Metal Rules

Review and interview by Derek McDonald of RRCA

Review of Absorbed - "A crunchy and mature thrash sound with strong instrument play that will put a smile on any thrasher's face!" 9 of 10
Review of Mindfailure - "...strong sense of teamwork and smooth tight performance style.." 8 of 10

Click here for the full story. Major feature.

HardRadio Review by Martin Popoff of Hard Radio 9 of 10.
"Unleashed Power are still the nation's best unsigned act.......the record Jugulator should have been."

"Make no mistake, U.P. is metal the way metal was meant to be performed." Review!

Band profile from a Bay area local metal 'zine. Cool stuff.

Review of show 8/19 at the Quaternote by Power Slave (Mario Perotti) Power Slave

Review: "The power they posses in their riffs alone are great......It's hard to describe their sound, they have their own sound" 85 of 100
with Ken Jacobsen February 2000

Full feature on U.P. by this Brazilian webzine. Very well done!
"...All in all, a fine piece of "true metal" with originality",
Review 9.0 of 10.0. Interview posted!

Audio Aggression "this will silence the harshest of metal critics because they have redefined power/thrash metal and have taken it to a new level" Review of Absorbed by New York's Neckbraeker/ Audio Aggression zine/radio.

"....the guitar work on this album is just so awesome, you will have to hear it to believe it." Review by Metal Land E-zine out of Savannah, Georgia USA.
Metal Land

HM lives "I love listneing to Absorbed which is aggressive, intelligent and most of all it's Metal!"
Absorbed 8 of 10
Mindfailure 8 of 10

Review by Online 'zine from Utah, USA. Great feature

Full featured page on U.P. Check it out!

Atifah 'zine from Indonesia did a very long interview with Ken Jacobsen

"..technical progressive thrash metal. Performance is perfect". Review by Japanese webszine in japanese of Absorbed, Quintet of Spheres and Mindfailure.
Thrash or die

Fantastic! Review by Brazilian webzine in English. 4 of 5 Skulls!

Interview posted!

Feature in portugese by Flavio "Tuco" Banyai. Metal-br

Storm watcher 'zine This is a cool dish of technical speed/thrash metal by some VERY talented musicians and cool guys. 4 of 5

Interview by Metallica site in swedish.

Interview Posted!


From Vicenza, Italy by Cristiano Nicosia who says: ... U.P. combined a powerful and full-of-rage music with a good techique.... Rating 86 of 100 Discovery Zine

French Connection Interview posted!

By Bocquet Laurent from Lille, France.

HM magazine from USA. "Heavier and tighter than most any band you'll hear nowadays.." HM Mag

Online 'Zine and radio station from Novo Scotia. "Technical as they come Quintet of Spheres is tight, impresive, heavy and is very well planed."

Online 'zine from France, very insightful review!

"This group is definitively one of the best in this style, one of the most inventive and the most gifted one !"

Underground metal

Online 'zine from Berlin, review in german.
"....they celebrate clean Power Metal with Trash-attitudes and complex song structures"

Headbanger's Delight. They rock in Michigan! Read the review and the info."..., Mindfailure will put you on the edge of your seat".

The Phantom Toolbooth Review by an American Christian webzine. 4 of 5. Interview posted!

"Metal fans should eat up this blazing metal missile...The riffing is fast and surgical-tight...."

Metal rules "In case you live under a rock - these guys are from the US and they play aggressive metal without EVER resulting to any trendy sounds." Review!

Metal Zone did an interview with Ken Jacobsen in September '97. Good layout and and check out this album review. 7 of 7.

"I think that it is one of the most great releases the last years for power metal."


Metal zone

UNDERGROUND 'ZINE SCENE review by Arizona based E-zine, 10 of 10!!

"The leads rip it up.... this disk will kick ass."

Interview posted!

Their CD is interesting...... said this Greek 'zine.

7 of 10


Inferno Review by the Dutch magazine and Finnish journalist Miika Kuusinen 8 of 10. Excellent review.

"....compositions are well thought and have style many bands lack taking U.P. into the new levels well above the level of mediocrity."

E-zine from Singapore with a review 7.75 of 10.

"Thrashers beware! Unleashed Power has "unleashed it's latest feast of intense, riff-rich work entitled "Mindfailure"....... "Mindfailure" contains a good collection of delicious morsels, which trash metal fans should have no difficulty devouring...production is excellent!...crunch of the guitars.....Mean and uncompromising." Interview Posted


Review from Norway

" a better worked out power metal-product"

4 of 6

Japanese Faeture on Ken Jacobsen

Jackson Guitars has a special feature on Ken jacobsen!

Digitech has a cool feature on Ken Jacobsen!

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