quintet of spheres

Ken Jacobsen    John Lievano    John Mathias    Edward Owen

Edward Owen - Drums

     Ed Owen and Ken Jacobsen met in 1989 and played together in Unleashed Power for 5 years. He was a very influential factor for the direction of the band as it is today. His drum style and background contributed a great deal to the progressive and international feeling of the band. Ken and Ed spent countless hours in rehearsal sessions throughout the years to establish the bands foundation, it is therefore right to give Ed the proper acknowledgement. Besides his good-humored nature and people friendly disposition, his many contributions to the band can't be overlooked. His calligraphy savvy is featured on the Quintet of Spheres album, as he hand wrote all the text. Because of Ed's skills with carpentry tools, he was always able to fix-up rehearsal studios, but besides that, his most valuable contribution to the band was the hours spent in the rehearsal studio arranging and jamming tunes. Owen was also part of numerous gigs which occurred in the aforesaid time span. Ed's disillusion with the music-industry averted his attention towards other things and by late summer of 1994 he and Ken Jacobsen decided to go their separate ways as he couldn't dedicate enough time to playing. Ed Owen's appearance on older Unleashed Power demo's are ubiquitous, with the first being the 1990 8-track Blindfolded demo. More pride was put into the 1991 Quintet of Spheres demo, with some of the drum-tracks on the demo making it to the ensuing album. Quintet of Spheres would be the last recording featuring him in Unleashed Power. Ed was born, raised and still resides in New York.

John Mathias - Vocals

     Ken Jacobsen and John Mathias knew each other from the now legendary project Avalon of 1987. It was only natural to rejoin with Jacobsen again when the Unleashed Power singer position became available in 1992. Danish metal band, Artillery, had just become a casualty of the music industry leaving Mathias without a band, which led to his appearance on Quintet of Spheres. His English linguistic dexterity (for a Dane) and musical experience as a learned drummer was a defining contribution to the album. John Mathias also participated in the tour of 1994 (click here for photo's) on the east coast of the States. When the decision was made late 1994 to record the next album, John was asked to participate in bringing the project to realization. Several rehearsal sessions proved that the new, heavier direction taken by the material for the new recording was not going to suit Mathias well, and he regretfully withdrew from the project . Personal problems also prevented him from giving the band the attention required. John Mathias grew up and still lives in Holbaek, Denmark.

John Lievano - Bass

John Lievano joined up with Unleashed Power immediately after the completion of the Quintet of Spheres demo to appear in the shows that followed and consequently the album of the same name. Lievano's background emanates solidly from a musical family with several musicians being professionals, which couldn't help but to encourage him to become a musician in the first place. Although he was born in upstate New York, he grew up in Orlando Florida, but returned to New York prior to joining U.P. As fate would have it, he died in 1994. Click here for more info. His lone appearance would turn out to be on the debut album Quintet of Spheres.

Ken Jacobsen - Guitar

Ken Jacobsen's vision was the driving force behind the project, as he wrote and produced the material for the Quintet of Spheres album. Jacobsen was born in Copenhagen, Denmark, however, his family moved around a lot living in various US areas such as Seattle and Hawaii (having dual citizenship). Jacobsen ended up in New York in 1988 and it was here that the solid Unleashed Power lineup formed, producing two demos, Blindfolded and Quintet of Spheres which finally became the full length CD release of Quintet of Spheres. The NY move came after the break up of Avalon, Ken's former band, which had also recorded an album in Denmark, featuring John Mathias and Metallica famed Sweet Silence Studios and engineer, Flemming Rasmussen. QOS was a response to the experience gained from the previous demo of the same name. The album was a great stepping stone for Jacobsen who was able to try out long anticipated ideas which were brewing, but hadn't had the opportunity to try out before. Ken Jacobsen forged ahead after the turmoil ensuing the QOS album and created the Mindfailure record. Read more about Ken Jacobsen.

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